Online Single Central Record – Ensure OFSTED & OSI Compliance

As a school administrator, you will be familiar with the Department of Education’s “Keeping children safe in education” initiative, which involves DBS and other forms of checking, to ensure that only suitable candidates are selected. This can be a major headache for school administrators, who are burdened with arranging for suitable screening for each job applicant, and with that in mind, there is one UK based online DBS check company, who offer a range of services for the school administration.

Online Registration

If you would like to take advantage of this efficient system, simply visit the onlinescr website, where you can learn more about the organisation and the system they provide. Once your school is registered, you can upload your single central record into the database, while the user-friendly interface allows you to order a wide range of essential DBS checks to ensure the applicant is suitable.

How the System Works

Once you are a member, you can order any DBS checks with the click of a mouse, and when you do, the job applicant is emailed the relevant forms to fill in, which are then sent for DBS checking. Prior to DBS checking, the applicant’s ID will be verified, and the results of the check are automatically added to your single central record. This takes the strain out of a mandatory process, and as the system was designed by school administrators, remaining OFSTED and OSI compliant is assured.

The company charges a small search fee per request, which is added to the government fee, and for the little it costs, you can make sure that you comply with the DoE requirements.

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